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Language of Chemistry

Language of Chemistry - Wesolowski The Language of...

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Wesolowski The Language of Chemistry Some things to MEMORIZE Today! 1) MEMORIZE the correct symbol and spelling of the name for the first 36 elements on the periodic table. Be careful with Fluorine not Flourine, etc. Most symbols have one capital letter and one small letter. Cobalt is Co not CO which is carbon monoxide. Sodium is NOT NA, but Na. Some of you are in the habit of printing in all caps. N A is incorrect and computer scanners will not detect this as sodium. 2) MEMORIZE the LOCATION of the first 36 elements on the periodic table. On one of the exams you will be given a blank or partially blank periodic table and asked to fill in the missing symbols only. These are easy points, don’t waste them. 3) MEMORIZE the Latin or non-English based elemental names which will be used later to name many compounds. Elemental Names and Forms To be MEMORIZED Foreign Name Root Symbol English Cuprum Cupr Cu Copper Ferrum Ferr Fe Iron Stannum Stann Sn Tin Plumbum Plumb Pb Lead Aurum Aur Au Gold Argentum Argent
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  • Spring '08
  • Keller
  • Chemistry, Periodic Table, Chemical element, Greek alphabet, Cuprum Ferrum Stannum Plumbum Aurum Argentum Hydrargyrum Wolfram Kalium Natrium Stibium Root Cupr Ferr Stann Plumb Aur Argent -Wolfram Kal Natr Stib Symbol Cu, Na not NA, Potassium Sodium Antimony

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