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wmm24 HW 1 (1) - ⋅ Customer identifies ⋅ Centralized...

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    IS GOAL To eliminate a lengthy check-in  process, giving customers more control  over their hotel experience and  employees a chance to concentrate on  welcoming the guest and getting them  hdghdgh fgf dslkjffds Radison is revolutionizing  the entire hotel industry  Online check-in  Automatic email sent  inviting guest to check- in   Database with  customers’ personal  preferences and check- in information –TPS  Customer receives  email inviting them to  check-in  Customer enters  personal information  into computer 
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Unformatted text preview: ⋅ Customer identifies ⋅ Centralized management structure ⋅ Geographically distributed ⋅ Communication between customer and hotel via internet ⋅ Bjorn Gullasken, Carlson Hotels Worldwide exec. VP, brand leader ⋅ System developers ⋅ Hotel managers ⋅ This system is being used by all Radison Hotels ⋅ Customers ⋅ Line-level employees IT ORG. STRUCTURE BUSINESS PROCESSES PEOPLE Broader Context Immediate Context...
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