Issue 18 - Whalen N Issue#18 Should Law Enforcement...

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Whalen, N. Issue #18: Should Law Enforcement Agencies Use Affirmative Action Programs to Increase the Number of Minority Police Officers? No
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OPENING SUMMARY I. I have chosen to do my paper on affirmative action programs in the police force. Chiefly, on how it is unwise to use them for police actions. II. Affirmative action programs have their place; they allow many people to obtain jobs they may not have otherwise been able to obtain. It is painful to admit this, which is even in today’s “diverse” 21st century American Society, there is racism. This is why affirmative action programs where first brought into existence, to help under represented ethnic groups obtain jobs in the modern work place. Let us use a hypothetical example: Two people, one black, the other white, both apply for a job at the local McDonalds. Both apply at the same time, but there is only one opening. With affirmative action programs in effect, the choice of who to hire is easy. Hire the person who represents the ethnic group less represented. In our example the store is run by all white managers, with all white employees. This may be caused because the person who hires does not like blacks, and sadly this does
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Issue 18 - Whalen N Issue#18 Should Law Enforcement...

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