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Study Guide for Final

Study Guide for Final - *prosecutor’s...

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whaCrim. 200:01;02;03;07 Chapter 8 Study Guide for Final Exam Dr. Egbo 1. Know what is meant by dual court system (page 171) *why do we have separate courts for federal and separate courts for the states 2. Structure of American courts *tribal/Native American courts *primary responsibility of trial courts (page 172) *limited/general jurisdiction (page 172) 3. Becoming a judge (demographic composition of state judges (page 174) *what are the concerns about demographic composition of American judges *role judges (page 174) *method for selecting judges (pages 176-177) *you must know how Missouri plan works 4. Prosecutorial System (page 178) *different names for prosecuting attorneys *politics & prosecution (pages 178/179)
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Unformatted text preview: *prosecutor’s influence/prosecutor’s role (page 179) *four major roles of the prosecutor (page 180) *prosecutorial discretion (page 180) *know what is meant by counts, discovery process and nolle prosequi (page 181) *prosecutor’s relationship to police, victims/witnesses, judges and community (pages 181 *know what is meant by accusatory process (page 183) 5. On Defense Attorneys *role defense attorney (page 184) *know what is meant by indigent defendants *you must know different methods for providing attorney to indigent defendants (pages 188-190). *know what is meant by local legal culture, going rate, continuance (page 191) *know what is meant by workgroups (page 192)...
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