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Vietnam War Study Guide - Abbot Low Moffat Served as the...

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Abbot Low Moffat Served as the head of the Division of Southeast Asian Affairs from 1944-47 In 1946 met with Ho Chi Minh HCM: first a nationalist, and second a Communist. Interested in the independence of his people and the best thing for them was the communist type of government. But he was a nationalist first and foremost. His reports to his superiors cautioned against the Washington's inflexible opposition against nationalist movements in Vietnam and other colonies Convinced that American statesmen had erred grievously in making anti-communism the cornerstone of postwar foreign policy In subsequent years, he was openly critical of American involvement in Vietnam. Bao Dai Last Vietnam emperor He was determined to make Vietnam a more modern and prosperous nation. He was a champion of judicial and educational reforms However, even as reigning emperor, Bao Dai was never free to rule as he saw fit, Paris always had to have the last word and the President of France actually held more power over the Vietnamese Japan invaded and promptly declared that they had liberated Vietnam from foreign rule. Emperor Bao Dai declared the independence of Vietnam, but with the Japanese in control of the country, little actually changed, control simply passed from Paris to Tokyo. By 1945 the feared VietMinh had risen in rebellion under the infamous Marxist revolutionary Ho Chi Minh who forced Emperor Bao Dai to abdicate his throne. The country fell into chaos as the communists clashed with the French, the traditionalists and those who favored a western-style democracy. In 1949 nations such as Great Britain and the USA looked hopeful when Emperor Bao Dai was restored to the Vietnamese throne. Geneva Accords – appointed Diem as his Prime Minister Di m used a referendum to remove B o Đ i and form a republic , taking control of the South himself, while managing to win American support. The referendum was widely regarded as
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Vietnam War Study Guide - Abbot Low Moffat Served as the...

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