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Us History Study Guide 4

Us History Study Guide 4 - Us History Study Guide 3 Ben...

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Us History Study Guide 3 – Ben Wynne David Wilmot- Pennsylvania “Wilmot Proviso” Prohibited slavery in any territory acquired as a result of the Mexican war. Western Territories and slavery options Extending the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific Ocean Popular sovereignty- people of the individual territory should decide the issue Election of 1848 Lewis Cass (Democrat) Zachary Taylor (Whig) Martin Van Buren (Free Soil) Gold discovered- Sutter’s Mill, CA Non-Indian population 1848-18,000 1852-220,000 Issues- Statehood for California Status of slavery in Washington, DC Fugitive slave laws Personal Liberty laws 1849- 15 slave states; 15 free states Henry Clay’s Omnibus Bill 1. California admitted to the Union as a free state 2. No restrictions on slavery in other territories acquired from Mexico 3. Slave trade, but not slavery, abolished in Washington, DC 4. More effective fugitive slave law Group who tried to pass John C Calhoun- South Carolina Henry Clay- Kentucky Daniel Webster- Massachusetts Omnibus bill fails Emerging generation Jefferson Davis- Mississippi
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Stephen Douglas- Illinois (Leader)
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