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Us History Study Guide 3

Us History Study Guide 3 - U.S History Study Guide 3 Ben...

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U.S. History Study Guide 3 –Ben Wynne Supreme Order of the Star Spangled Banner- referred to themselves as the “know nothings” Founded by Charels B. Allen, Feared and hated Catholics and immigrants who weren’t anglo-saxon Erie Canal - opened in 1825, connects Albany New York and Lake Erie; one of many canals built in the North Baltimore and Ohio RR- First common carrier railroad, began at the port of Baltimore and traveled west to the Ohio river Samuel Morse - telegraph Richard Hoe - Steam powered printing press Lowell System- paternalistic textile industry hiring mainly young women from New England farms. Emphasized on mechanization and standardization Slave Codes - slaves could not. . . own property, marry, assemble w/o supervision, carry firearms, be taught to read or write, testify in court against whites, or leave the plantation Gabriel Prosser - 1800, Blacksmith slave, organized approximately 1,000 slaves in Richmond VA, unsuccessful Denmark Vesey - 1822, Free black secretly planned slave rebellion allegedly involving 9,000 slaves in Charelston, SC Nat Turner - 1831, Preacher slave. Led band of around 50 slaves and free blacks in Southamption County, VA. Around 60 whites murdered; Turner and others were executed Colonization - Efforts centered around Upper South (VA and MD) Idea to free the slaves, compensate the masters, and remove slaves to a colony in West Africa. Founded Liberia for this very purpose; but proved to be too expensive and freed slaves did not want to cooperate William Lloyd Garrison - Massachusetts; Wanted to free the slaves and be done with it. Published the Liberater The Liberator- an abolitionist newspaper published by William Lloyd Garrison in Boston. Wanted “immediate and complete emancipation of all slaves” Abolition Movement
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