U.S. Government - News Summary Assignment #5

U.S. Government - News Summary Assignment #5 - News Summary...

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Casey Dynan POL-110-001 News Summary #5 2008 Presidential Politics: Overall Theme: Senator John McCain Article #1 – McCain Takes Aim at Climate Change; Parts Company with President on 'Challenges' Joseph Curl – Washington Post On May 12, 2008 in Portland, Oregon, Senator John McCain split sharply with President Bush over climate change issues, saying that as president he would not permit “eight long years” to pass without taking action. Reaching out to an array of Democrats, independents, and green-minded social conservatives, McCain argued that global warming is undeniable and the country must take steps to bring it under control while adhering to free-market principles. McCain further said that “the United States will lead and will lead with a different approach - an approach that speaks to the interests and obligations of every nation.” However, in response Democrats ridiculed McCain’s record, charging that he takes political contributions from energy lobbyists and has occasionally voted against alternate-energy sources. Despite accusations of “double talk” on this issue, in his Portland address McCain offered a “pragmatic answer to what some scientists say is man’s role in the warming of the planet,” arguing that even if he is wrong, moving toward lower-emission vehicles and reducing greenhouse gases would still benefit the environment. McCain’s major proposal, according to the article, is to implement a “cap-and-trade” program on carbon-fuel emissions, similar to a program in the Clean Air Act that was used to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions that trigger acid rain. Industries would be given emission targets, and those coming in under their limit could sell their surplus polluting capacity to companies unable to meet their target. McCain's stance on climate change sets him apart from not only from President Bush but also the
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U.S. Government - News Summary Assignment #5 - News Summary...

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