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Ciglar 5.4 – Politics and the “DotNet” Generation by Scott Keeter, p. 186-193. In this selection, Keeter examines the participation patterns and political perspectives of the newest generation of voting-age citizens born between 1977-1987. DotNets formed many of their social and political impressions in the 1990s and are fairly distinctive when compared to other generations. Higher proportion pay no attention to politics that ever before and fewer read a newspaper daily. However there are signs of “reawakening” the young people to public life.
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Unformatted text preview: Voting is up Volunteering and community activity is average. Members are not afraid to express their viewpoints o Which tend to be liberal, pro-Democratic Party direction. Stereotype of politically disengaged younger generation is not fully accurate Involvement in non-traditional form of political engagement is high Much more liberal on social issues More positive than older Americans on efficiency of the government and regulating business Favor private accounts for health care...
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