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Unformatted text preview: Genetics and Evolution ANTH 180 Meaning of Evolution 0. Change over time 1. Organisms related by descent from a common ancestor 2. Evolution through the process of natural selection History of Evolutionary Thought 3. Age of discover 16th-18th centuries 0. New World and Africa explored and settled by Europeans 1. Systematic collection of biological variability 4. New observation needed to be fit into logical order 5. Great Chain of Being Great Chain of Being 6. Universe full everything possible exists 7. Continuous series of life forms 8. Hierarchical sequence 9. Change impossible Early Thinkers 10. Bishop James Ussher 1581-1656 2. Interpreted Genesis 3. Earth created at 4004 BC Carolus Linnaeus 1707-1778 11. Developed classification system for and animals 4. Systema Naturae 12. Included humans with animals 5. Humans grouped with apes 13. Binomial nomenclature Georges Cuvier 1769-1832 14. Father of zoology, paleontology, and comparative anatomy 15. Theory of Catastrophism 16. Sepa...
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