International Politics - Jervis - Consequences of Anarchy

International Politics - Jervis - Consequences of Anarchy -...

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International Politics: The Consequences of Anarchy The Anarchic Structure of World Politics by Kenneth N. Waltz, p 29-49. Political Structures Concept of Social Structure 1. Ordering Principles 2. The Character of the Units 3. The Distribution of Capabilities Anarchic Structures and Balances of Power 4. Violence and Home and Abroad 5. Interdependence and Integration 6. Structures and Strategies
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Unformatted text preview: 7. The Virtues of Anarchy 8. Anarchy and Hierarchy Anarchy and the Struggle for Power by John J. Mearsheimer, p 50-60. Why States Pursue Power State Behavior Calculated Aggression Hegemony’s Limits Power and Fear The Hierarchy of State Goals Cooperation Among States Anarchy Is What States Make of It by Alexander Wendt, p 61-67...
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