Islam - Mohammed - The Legacy of a Prophet

Islam - Mohammed - The Legacy of a Prophet - Muhammad The...

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Muhammad – The Story of a Prophet "He was neither tall and lanky, nor short and heavy set. When he looked at someone he looked them in the eyes. He was the most generous hearted of men, the most truthful of them in speech, the most mild tempered of them and the noblest of them in lineage. Anyone who would describe him would say I never saw before or after him the like of him." - Muhammad, described by a contemporary. Muhammed was a man who faced an absolutely hopeless situation. There was a whole continent, virtually of people killing one another in an endless, hopeless vendetta, going down a chute of violence and warfare. People were surrounded by the feeling that society was coming to an end and it had no hope (Armstrong, 28). But, he gave them hope, single-handedly. In a space of 23 years he brought peace and new hope to Arabia, and a “new beacon” for the world (Armstrong, 28). Islam, the religion Muhammad first brought to Arabia, now claims 1.2 billion followers around the world. There are an estimated seven million Muslims in America, where it is the country’s fastest growing religion and the most diverse. Like America itself, the Muslims in this country come from all over the world. They have a common bond, not only in their religious faith and in their mosques, but in this story of Muhammad. For Muslims, he is the source of how to behave, of how to be a constructive citizen, of how to be a good parent, of how to be a good child, of how to seek knowledge and truth. These are values that are expressed most clearly for Muslims in the story of Muhammad. In the Quran, Allah says that Muhammad is the best example of behavior, and that is what he is for Muslims, the guide for how they deal with each other and when they are in a position of authority how one should attempt to implement justice and law (Lings, 68). September 11th has changed the whole world and it has also put the Muslim community in the spotlight. Muslims have a lot of hostility being hurled at them but this is also a time of transformation. Many people are very eager to understand Islam, and they want to know who is this Prophet? What is the Quran? Who are the Muslims? How do they live? Through the stories about Prophet Muhammad, Muslims are able to make connections and relate to things that happened 1400 years ago, and for Muslims, they have found that the issues are not just old fashioned, but they are universal (Lings, 4). This is the story Muslims have passed down from generation to generation for 1400 years. A story about the merchant, husband, father, statesman, and warrior whom they consider the greatest and final prophet. The man whose legacy continues to shape their lives today. The life of Muhammad, even in its details, is probably better known than any other major religious
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Islam - Mohammed - The Legacy of a Prophet - Muhammad The...

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