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IR MidTermSpring2008Answers-1 - International Relations(PSC...

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International Relations (PSC 124.200) Swedlund/Schmitz Mid-Term Exam, Spring 2008 Student-ID: The total for this mid-term is 20 points. This is not an open book exam. Answers will be posted on the class web site; your scores on Blackboard. Read the questions carefully. A. Identification - Explain the following concepts (1 point each, 10 minutes; 1-2 sentences each) 1. Anarchy - ‘a state of lawlessness and disorder,’ an absence of higher authority characteristic of international politics. 2. Deterrence - to prevent military attacks by other states by increasing one’s military strength. Deterrence is the primary security strategy available to states in a realist world. 3. State - A legal entity in international law with a permanent population, defined territory, and effective domestic control/international recognition. 4. Third image - international level of analysis; explanations for outcomes are exclusively based on properties of the international system. 5. International Court of Justice - the ICJ is part of the UN system and designed to resolve conflicts among states on a peaceful manner. 6. United Nations Security Council - the main body of the United Nations dealing with questions of international peace and security. 5 veto powers plus 10 rotating members. B. Short Questions (3 points each, 25 minutes; 4 to 6 sentences each)
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This note was uploaded on 09/10/2008 for the course POL 130 taught by Professor Sampson during the Spring '08 term at Gustavus.

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IR MidTermSpring2008Answers-1 - International Relations(PSC...

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