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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Anthropology Anthropology *"the study of human beings" *Anthropos = human *Logos = the study of *Ties to the Humanities but is a Science Scientific method *Observations *Formulating hypotheses *Testing hypotheses *Tentative explanation of the relation between certain phenomena *Theory = validated hypothesis or set of hypotheses Scientific Method *Observation *Description *Explanation *Prediction Scientific Method *Relative *Subject to change *Einstein's theories *Science looks for "truth" *Scientific truth called "facts" Four Field Approach *Study of human biology *Physical/Biological Anthropology *Paleoanthropology = study of fossil remains, human evolution *Human variation = study of biology of human populations *Primatology = study of biology and behavior of nonhuman primates *Archaeology *Study of past cultures using artifacts and other material culture *Historic archaeology *Prehistoric archaeology Four Field Approach (con't) *Linguistic anthropology *Structural linguistics *Historical linguistics *Sociolinguistics *Study of language in culture *Ethnology or Sociocultural Anthropology *Study of present day cultures *Economic anthropology *Medical anthropology *Political anthroplogy *Anthropology of religion Ethnology *Approaches *Began as study of nonliterate cultures *Now study people everywhere including our own culture *Ethnography = study of a specific culture *Comparative ethnology = comparison of cultures *Cross-cultural approach Culture *All aspects of human adaption *Set of learned behaviors *Transmitted by nonbiological (nongenetic) means Four Field Approach (con't) *Anthropology is either theoretical or applied *Examples of applied anthropology *Cultural resource management (CRM) (archaeology) *Forensic anthropology (physical anthropology) *Applied ethnology HOLISM *Anthropology is holistic *Unity of human biology and cutlure *Cultural integration Basic Concepts in the Study of Culture *Cultural Relativism *Respective other cultures *Being objective *Keeping an open mind *Regarding other cultures as inferior *Cultural prejudice *Ethnocentism ...
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