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09.19.07 - Lecture 7 Labor Activism and Reform Labor...

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Lecture 7 September 19, 2007 Labor Activism and Reform Labor relations become the focus of progressive activism because if you leave that area of American life to itself then America will become especially volatile o Most urgent challenge is doing something about the workplace Progressive were pro-labor but anti union o Workplace conflict was interpreted as industrial pathology Workers behave hostile because of the environments around them Need to create a brand new environment that is conducive to harmony The activist elements of American working class divided into two opposed camps o Dominant group Craft unions, trade unions, etc AFL had plan in mind to present unions in a new light Underlying political motive and it is radical When scientific socialism came along radicalism took on a harder edge, more so like European views In periods of economic growth the trade union socialists were powerful When in depression political socialists were prevalent o They were never in unison Radicals and socialists believed that capitalism should be vanquished Socialists there should be one party, state only exists for the for the purpose of the public, use coercion for people to adhere to new rules Anarchists coercion is intolerable, people would naturally be willing to live in harmony o One group believes you need to organize workers for the goal of educating about anarchists o Propagandists of the deeds go out there and strike a shot against capitalism,
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  • Fall '07
  • Trade union, Industrial Workers, IWW, capitalism Industrial Workers, group Craft unions, trade union socialists

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