10.03.07 - • Said public strikes shouldn’t be allowed...

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Lecture 11 October 3, 2007 Turbulent events of 1919 o US was ready for a change Reform o World War I had devastating effect of the confidence of the people o We won the war but it came at a high price The treaty ending the war was not on the principles that we had intended them to be when we went into the war At the end of war American people are very disenchanted People become deeply isolationist b/w 1920s-30s We wanted to disassociate ourselves from Europe People wanted to elect president different from the progressives o Unlike teddy Roosevelt and Wilson—Waren G Harding Brief term in office Obscure senator from ohio Died in 1923 People liked him He said, “what this country needs is to go back to the time of normalcy” When Harding dies Calvin Coolidge came to office
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Unformatted text preview: • Said public strikes shouldn’t be allowed • Smarter than Harding • Hamiltonian • Believed in trick-down income theory • Businesses changed in America o Big corporations emerge o Oligopoly emerges o The way to evade reform is also to adopt more human labor relation policies Have to eliminate unions 1919 disposes the vulnerability of trade unions • 1920 Open Shop Movement o One goal: eliminate unionism o Is an affront to American values o American value is individualism o They are very successful Employ black lists Yellow dog contracts Hiring spies to see if they are being active Depend on the court system o Unionism is weakened everywhere o Many reforms start to take place within the work place...
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10.03.07 - • Said public strikes shouldn’t be allowed...

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