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139 notes - Family Purpose Doctrine Negligence Res Ispa...

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Others Also Responsible For Another’s Actions - Vicarious Liability Vehicle Owners Can Be Liable For Others’ Actions Using Vehicle - Imputed Liability Parents CAN Be Liable For Childrens’ Actions - Family Purpose Doctrine Parents Can Be Liable For Childrens’ Actions While Driving - Respondeat Superior Employers Can Be Liable For Actions of Their Employees - Joint & Several Liability Defendants Can Be Responsible For Other Liable Defendants’ Judgments Civil Wrongs, Other Than Breach of Contract, Where the Law Provides A Remedy, in the Form of Money Damages Types of Monetary Damages: Economic Damages (Special Damages) Non-Economic Damages (General Damages) Punitive Damages (As Punishment) Types of Injuries/Damages: Bodily Injury (Legal Term) Mind/Body Injured Property Damage – Direct, Indirect
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Real, Personal Property Standard of Care Is Required For Professional Services • Possess Degree of Skill, Judgment & Knowledge Appropriate To Profession Conduct Oneself According to Recognized Professional Standards Examples: - Physicians’ - Attorneys’ - Insurance Agents Sample Losses: Clients Injured In Firm’s Vehicle Damage Occurs To Own Firm’s Vehicles Employees Injured Using Firm’s Vehicles Employees Injured Using Own Vehicles While Performing Job-Related Activities I. Liability Insurance - While Using Covered Vehicles - Note: Non-Ownership Liability II. Physical Damage Coverage - To Covered Vehicles - Perils: Collision, Comprehensive, Specified Causes of Loss III. Uninsured, Underinsured Motorist - While Using Covered Vehicles IV. Medical Payments - While Using Covered Vehicles Almost Same As CGL, MINOR Exceptions Business Liability Coverage - Combines Coverage A & Coverage B of CGL Medical Payments (Medical Expense) - Same As CGL Specific Limits - Medical Expense Limit
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