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ANSC 107 - Quiz 4 - ANSC 107 502 QUIZ 4 OCT 9 2007 True(A...

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Unformatted text preview: ANSC 107- 502 QUIZ 4 OCT. 9, 2007 True (A)/ False (B) 1. A steak with a quality grade of select would have better eating quality than a steak with a quality grade of choice. 2. HACCP is an inspection system. 3. A sheep carcass with two break joints would be considered a lamb. 4. Cross contamination of foods is not a problem when dealing with food born illness. 5. Yield grades provide an estimate of palatability. Multiple Choice 6. Which of the following would be considered a declining product category a. Organic food c. ground fresh sausage b. Meal kits (1. precooked bacon 7. What hazards do HACCP systems address? a. Biological 0. physical b. Chemical d. all the above 8. The window of acceptability for the “/0 of fat in meat is? a. 1—3 G. 7-9 I b. 1—5 (1.3-7 9. Which is not a wholesale cut from the beef carcass? a. Rack 0. rib b. Loin d. chuck 10. Which is a wholesale cut from the lamb carcass? a. Rack ' c. rib b. Loin d. chuck ...
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