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Hindu Term List The following terms or phrases (from Molloy, Kessler, and class lectures) represent concepts that are important for understanding Hinduism. Learn them so you can use them in papers or on exams. Indus Valley Civilization "Indus," "India," "Hindu" Vedic Period Arya Sanskrit Veda (Vedas) Rig Veda Hindu polytheism Agni Soma Dyaus Ushas priests (brahmins) fire sacrifice sacred chants (mantra) rishi "Creation Hymn" "Hymn of Man" Upanishads Vedic Speculation Axis (Axial) Age Brhadaranyaka Yajnavalkya Maitreyi Chandogya Shvetaketu Upanishadic monism Brahman Atman "Being" Maya Samsara Law of Karma Ordinary norm Dharma Extraordinary norm Sannyasa (renunciation) Mahatma Moksha The Hindu Epics Mahabharata Yudhishthira
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Arjuna Krishna
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Unformatted text preview: Three Yogas Yogin / Yogini Jnana Yoga Karma Yoga Bhakti Yoga Samkhya Dualism Prakrti Three Strands Purusha Avatara (incarnation of God) Ishvara Hindu Monotheism The Caste System The Four Stages of Life The Four Goals of Life Raja Yoga Hatha Yoga Kundalini Yoga Devotional Hinduism and Hindu Mythology The Trimurti Brahma Vishnu (Vaishnava) Shiva (Shaiva) Devi Parvati Durga Kali Nandi Ganesha Linga Vishnu Lakshmi Shri Avatara Rama Sita Hanuman Krishna Gopala Gopi (dairymaid) Lila Butter Thief Ras Lila Devotional Poetry "The tactile quality of bhakti" "My dark one" "Love pierced me like a nail driven into a green tree" "Love in Enjoyment / Love in Separation" "Don't take on this thing called bhakti" Why should I go to Kashi?"...
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Terms - Three Yogas Yogin Yogini Jnana Yoga Karma Yoga...

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