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Meghan Czajka Professor Bohn March 4 th 2008 Mr. Mom “Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths.” --Lois Wyse In the early days, it seemed that the roles of men and women were implanted in them at birth, and the slightest budge was a presumed apocalypse. But throughout the past century, it seems as though every history book, television show, and news report has brought to our attention more than once the dramatic shift in social roles of women–from suffrage to job availability to educational opportunities to liberating fashions. However, it seems that in the presentation of these facts, many people fail to recognize the recent dramatic changes in the social world concerning men. Pink shirts and stay-at-home dads are suddenly beginning to prevail over the conventional black ties and bread winners. In the modern world, men are rapidly altering their traditional societal roles in appearance, family, and education. Although skin-tight rocker jeans are a trend from the seventies swiftly overtaking the closets of men again, there has been a remarkable change in men’s fashions throughout the past several decades that demonstrate the change from styles of conformity to a more individualistic approach. To see a man walking down the street fifty years ago, he was most likely sporting a tidy, austere black suit, or maybe a colorful plaid sports jacket over a simple polo. His hair was presumably swooped back in what was then known as a “duck tail”. On his feet were just- polished white saddle shoes, of course. The professional, business-like appearance of men is still prevalent in society. However, the specific styles of men now have a less masculine vibe and
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show a greater concern for their appearance and how it reflects their individual personality. Men
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compare and contrast essay - Meghan Czajka Professor Bohn...

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