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Meghan Czajka Section 007 Professor Bohn Drowning Fears Driving to work that day, I was on edge. The sun peeked out amid wispy clouds, and there wasn’t a glimpse of rain. The promise of the perfect summer day contradicted the restless spirals in the pit of my stomach. Hazy steam rose off the roasting pavement, still slick from the last night’s storm, like molten rocks softened after the latest up-surge. The morning air was humid and slightly oppressive, mirroring the overwhelming apprehension I felt going into my first official day as a lifeguard. In the past, when I had mentioned my aspirations to one day be a lifeguard, my family and friends always drew the comparison to the infamous Wendy Peffercorn from the classic movie, “The Sandlot”; that is, their perception of a lifeguard as a beautiful, confident and fearless ideal figure —a highly glamorized stereotype. It was on my first day when I came to grasp the terrifying reality that was lifeguarding. The minute I stepped out onto the blacktop, I felt the sun beaming on the back of my neck; I knew the day’s heat would be sweltering. Walking into the park, my golden skin immediately started to glisten with minute flecks of perspiration. My cheeks flushed, my stomach in knots, I entered the employee lounge and plopped onto an uncomfortable wooden bench, peering out the open doorway. The park had not even opened yet, and I could already envision the hordes of children scrambling about the concrete, their frantic parents chasing after them with a shrieking infant on one hip and oodles of beach toys tumbling out of their shoulder
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descriptive essay - Meghan Czajka Section 007 Professor...

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