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The next class needs them too! PHYS-1200 PHYSICS II SPRING 2005 Class 14 Activity: Sound Waves and Electromagnetic Waves SOLUTIONS Sound Waves Set the signal generator to produce a sinusoidal signal in the range 300-800 hertz that you can hear with the attached earpiece. (Make sure the sine wave shape is depressed, not square or triangle wave). Use the microphone, connected to Ch 1 of the LabPro, to measure the frequency of the sound. Download the file microphone.MBL from the course web page by going to “class activities” and scrolling to the bottom – be sure to use Internet Explorer not Netscape to open this LoggerPro file. Save the file on your computer, then double-click on it to start LoggerPro with the appropriate settings. 1. Be sure that the graph axes are labeled “Microphone Voltage” and “Time”. If they are labeled simply “Voltage” and “Time”, you have not opened the correct file and should re- read the comments above. Place the speaker right up against (touching) the microphone. Collect data with LoggerPro. What is the frequency of the sound you are hearing (as measured from the graph)? Be sure to indicate how you measured this. f = 500 Hz. I measured the period, and took the reciprocal. What is the period? Again, show how you arrived at this number. T = 0.002 s. I measured the time taken for ten complete cycles (0.02 s) and divided by 10. Sketch a graph of the wave, including axes and labeled scales.
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act14ans - Do NOT write on these sheets or take them with...

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