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Nevin Bahadirli Personal Morality August 25, 2006 Hrdy’s View Continued 1. Foundation Hrdy Discusses in her Argument a. You move from natural to moral i. “If it is unnatural, it is bad” b. Essence Existence i. How should human beings live? c. Hrdy argues that maternal instinct is natural, thus we ought to care for children d. Evidence: Other primates care for their children e. Assumption: We can move from nature to morality 2. Hrdy’s View: By Nature: a. We are cooperative breeders b. We require allomothers c. One must specify human nature in response to the circumstance that behavior is exhibited 3. How to think about human nature a. E.g. maternal instinct, p. 76 ‘There is no one root source of emotion or urge equivalent to ‘the maternal instinct.’ There are [sic] a range of biologically based maternal responses to a range of circumstances. . . that, taken
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Unformatted text preview: together, make it more or less likely that a given mother will become committed to her offspring’ (p. 76) 4. Hrdy and Hormones a. Not only does prolactin encourage nurturing behavior, but being around a child causes the amount of prolactin in the body to increase 5. Hrdy’s Recommendations a. Safe haven laws ought to extend period of no-fault abandonment to weeks (p 83-84) b. Child care arrangements ought to provide children an environment in which they can develop capacity for ‘articulate compassion’ (p. 105) 6. A Modest IS-OUGHT Connection a. While human or animal nature (what IS) can’t tell us what we OUGHT to finally do b. Knowing our nature, what IS, enables us to work with our natural tendencies, rather than against them; OR, when we need to work against them, helps us see how to do so...
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