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Anthro Journal 2-5

Anthro Journal 2-5 - times what they are for all other...

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Anthropology 143 3/11/08 Journal 5 The article “Focus on Cervical Cancer in Haitian Women” by Erika Beras of the Miami Herald sheds light on a new study which found alarmingly high rates of cervical cancer in Haitian women. I chose this article because it related to a reading we did for class in which the author stated that it has been proven that immigrants are inherently healthier than people born in the United States. I disagreed with this assertion based on the fact that the United States has some of the best hospitals and medical physicians in the world. I did not believe that immigrants were less susceptible to diseases and that the United States had higher infant mortality rates than most other countries. Therefore, when I came across this article, it sparked my interest. According to the article, “cervical cancer incidences for Haitian-American women are three
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Unformatted text preview: times what they are for all other women.” Some of the reasons cited for the deaths of many Haitian-American women due to cervical cancer are that because many of these women are undocumented, and therefore they do not go for check-ups. The problem then becomes that the cancer progresses and these women must be hospitalized. The author of the piece we read in class stated that because immigrants are “naturally healthier” than Americans, they do not take advantage of the healthcare offered in the U.S. This article is saying the exact opposite; these Haitian-American women are apparently unhealthier than American women and are therefore putting more weight on the welfare system of the United States....
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