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Anthropology 143 3/11/08 Journal 3 The article “Immigration Enforcement is Not For Local Police or Courts” by Steve Myrick of The Martha’s Vineyard Times claims that local law enforcement do not have the necessary resources to combat illegal immigration. What I found most striking about the article was that if local official had a person in custody who they knew to be an illegal alien, they would most likely not turn this person over to the federal authorities. The author points out that the reason for this “is a combination of separate bureaucratic jurisdictions, lack of political will, and limited resources.”
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Unformatted text preview: It seems to me as if the federal government is spending all of this money to tighten the borders, and yet they do not properly fund the local law enforcement who have the best chance of catching illegal aliens already living in the U.S. Something else that I found astonishing in this article was that Except in special and specific situations, state police, county sheriffs, and local police have no authority to arrest anyone for a violation of federal immigration laws. It is no wonder why 15 million illegal aliens have been able to enter and remain in the United States over the past decade....
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