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Anthro Journal 2-4

Anthro Journal 2-4 - Why then was John McCain so...

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Anthropology 143 3/11/08 Journal 4 The article “Illegal Immigrants Slip as Hot Voter Issue” by Susan Carroll of the Houston Chronicle notes how the issue of immigration has seemed to disappear almost entirely from the spotlight of the 2008 U.S. Presidential election. Because Senator John McCain of Arizona won the Republican nomination, there are now three candidates who support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Barrack Obama are the other two candidates, both of whom are fighting for the Democratic nomination. The article points out that twenty percent of Republicans view immigration as “the most important issue determining his or her vote in the general election,” compared with three percent of Democrats.
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Unformatted text preview: Why then was John McCain so overwhelmingly elected to represent the Republican Party? According to the author, immigration turned out to be a “dud issue.” In order to win the primaries, McCain focused more on “his plan” to secure national borders and less on giving amnesty to illegal aliens, “a proposal that alienated a portion of his party base.” According to the article, many Americans deeply oppose illegal immigration; yet, our three presidential candidates all appear to on the left when it comes to immigration. An explanation for this inconsistency could be that recent fears of a recession have put the minds of the American public elsewhere. It seems that the election is becoming more and more about the economy and less about immigration....
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