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1st term paper - 1 World of the New Testament Introduction...

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1 World of the New Testament September 20, 2007 Introduction In the world of the New Testament, scholarly philosophers, including the likes of Diogenes and Plato, preserved their words of wisdom within the infamous chreia. On the surface level, a chreia means a “useful saying” that refers to some person, generally in anecdotal form. However, the chreia can vary in its styles. The chreia can take on three forms: saying, action, and mixed. The sayings, or verbal chreia, reveals its useful message by means of saying. For example, when Diogenes was asked to locate his runaway slave he replied, “It is ridiculous if Manes (his slave) can live without Diogenes, but Diogenes cannot live without Manes.” Here, Diogenes emphasizes the need for a simpler lifestyle by stating that the runaway slave is an unnecessary luxury he can live without. On the other hand, an action-chreia delivers the message through an account of an action. An action chreia is depicted when Diogenes decides to use the inadequate storage container as a means of lodging rather than choosing a more comfortable option. Once again, Diogenes underscores the importance of the simple life through his actions, specifically by settling for the inferior lodging. And finally, the mixed chreia combines the elements of both the sayings and action chreia. This version is typified when Diogenes throws his own cup away after seeing a child drinking from his hands and says, “A mere child has defeated me in simple living.” In this situation, Diogenes voices his opinion by stating how the child has surpassed him in leading the most basic of lifestyles. However, he also expresses his disgust for the horrid realization through action by throwing his own cup away. Through this chreia, Diogenes highlights the significance of the simple life and how it should pertain to even the most basic of actions.
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2 For the purposes of this essay, a mixed chreia will be analyzed and elaborated upon. The chreia is as follows: Diogenes, on seeing a youth misbehaving, struck his paidagogos and said, “Why are you teaching him such things?” Encomiastic Heading
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1st term paper - 1 World of the New Testament Introduction...

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