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PtE 412/464 Homework Set 12 Due 4/18/07 1. Derive the fractional flow equation for f w for linear flow with capillary and gravity effects in oilfield units. 2. A waterflood is conducted in a linear reservoir. The water-oil relative permeability ratio is given by the following relationship: K ro /K rw = 1,220*exp(-13*S w ) Other data are: μ o = 1.0 cp μ w = 0.7 cp S wirr = 0.20
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Unformatted text preview: S orw = 0.17 Neglecting gravity and capillary effects, determine the following: • Oil recovery (in pore volumes) at water breakthrough? • How many pore volumes of water must be injected to obtain a water saturation of 0.7 at the production well? • How do the above results change if the oil viscosity is 50 cp?...
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