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HW2_Pl jpg (JPEG Image, 1275x1754 pixels) - Scaled (47%) http ://www-scf.usc.edu/-chem430a/HW2 _P I jpg _.,"_ "-- 1", i'1 .4 : ,..,l.,{,;-i1,.'p,x(lc,+1. .\'-1i.1. ."''.'|!,!\:.*;u."1+.n:ali,;i1!k".;.i;'.:':'.i.;i{.lr., G. dn Ld.t )x h-rtr",.r1 :, *l l"dll\ =*t/'l u""r y \c1.xJ.1 | ' ' 't fASl 4.' iY"u'ra'cf I Sm \ C I:--1- {r.' r}\Yr---' \.1 'rJx iT* Jr gID !iiit!r'1,u,.,,,,.',,.-:.-,,,,',,,',,,11ftil,,,',,',.-. .lH',1',rfi :5,1''B 1r"'51*"t F-f- - s e''tx1:L$ *3, z. 6 c-e-*{* /tt's' b) .d tsl *,]prq [*ag,;'*)
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