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PtE_412_HW_Set_7_Spring_2007 - PtE 412/464 HW Set 7 Due...

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PtE 412/464 HW Set 7 Due 2/28/07 Complete two of the following four problems. If you do more that two problems they will be counted as extra credit. 1. An oil reservoir is surrounded by an infinite, radial aquifer. Influx of water occurs into the oil reservoir across an angle of 180 o . For reservoir management purposes it is decided to intercept the encroaching water at the current oil-water contact with a series of “aquifer- intercept” wells equipped with high-volume lift equipment and operated at a bottom-hole pressure of 135 psia. Given the following input data determine the annual fluid production from the intercept wells for the anticipated project life of 30 years. Aquifer thickness, ft 90 Reservoir radius, ft 3,500 Aquifer porosity, frac 0.30 Aquifer-reservoir radius ratio, dim. 100 Aquifer permeability, md 100 Encroachment angle, degrees 180 Water compressibility, psi-1 3.00E-06 Water viscosity, cp 0.60 Pore volume compress., psi-1 5.00E-05 Initial pressure @ OWC, psia 1,000 Desired pressure @ OWC, psia 135 2. An oil reservoir is known to have an active water drive. It is produced for three years with the following characteristics. Time Pressure
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