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PtE 412/464 Homework Set 2 Due 1/24/07 1. A reservoir has the following properties listed below (6 points): Value Units Reservoir Lithology: ss ls, ss Reservoir Depth: 6,500 ft Reservoir Pressure: 2,815 psia Reservoir Temperature: 200 o F Reservoir Porosity: 30% % Oil Gravity: 25.0 o API Bubble Point Pressure: 600 psia Gas Gravity: 0.60 dim CO2 Content: 0% % H2S Content: 0% % Water Salinity: 2% wt% solids Using the correlations presented in Chapter One, determine the following parameters: a. Formation compressibility b. Formation pressure gradient
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Unformatted text preview: c. Gas z factor (Standing or Sutton / Wichert & Aziz / Figure 1.5 ) d. B g e. Gas viscosity f. R s g. Oil compressibility h. B o at current pressure i. B o at bubble point j. Dead oil viscosity k. Live oil viscosity l. Water viscosity at reservoir conditions 2. State in words the concept of the General Material Balance Equation. (2 points) 3. If a plot of F versus Eo is linear, the reservoir may be classified as ___________? (2 points)...
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