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Notes Until Midterm - Introduction: The World of The New...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction: The World of The New Testament 28/08/2007 15:07:00 Polis City or Urban Center in the world of the new testament. The dominant group of people are aristocrats (wealthy educated powerful people that basically ran things in the world of the new testament) Cora the agriculturally productive land that surrounded the polis; people who lived in the cora were called peasantsagricultural people who produce agricultural products for themselves and the aristocrats; peasants congregated in villages and worked the lands surrounding the Polis. It took 90 people to feed 100 versus today it takes 3 to feed 100. Understand the people, places and events of the cora Eremos non productive land that extends from one cora to another. It may be too dry, too wet, etc. Generally uninhabited land. Brigandes reside in this areathey are gangs that engaged in looting, kidnapping, violence, etc. 8/30/07 Menander (Prize Winning Play) Greek plays were presented in the context of a religious festival Dionysishad a number of festivals throughout the year Produced plays to be presented at festivals to worship dionysis Literature was always written down on payparus Payparus survived in the climate of Egypt Nile Region Polis of Athens, play takes place in a village area (Cora) Pan-God of the Countryside (Cora)largely concerned with herding Core Characters Chanemonolder peasant at the center of the story; characterized by his workcharacteristic feature of peasant life is toil and labor only time its broken up is during festivals o Hates everyonelives to close to shrine and people bother himwants to live a life of a hermit Sostratushe is from the polis and an aristocrat, Pan causes Sostratus to fall in love with Chanemons daughter, He wants to marry this young woman in the opening of the story Cairaeusidentified as a parasitehe is an aristocrat but has fallen on hard times (Unacceptable for an aristocrat to work)so he attaches himself to other wealthy households (i.e. intervenes between marriages and acts as a mediator in legal disputes) Gorgaiusbrother of Chaneomons daughterfeels that Sostratus has ill intentions in marrying the daughter o As a result, Sostratus begins to do manual labor on the fields to impress Kenemon and ultimately marry the daughter Siychon a mageiros he is a trained slave that will do 3 things o 1. Sacrifices animals o 2.butchercuts the animals up o 3. Cook Hes a great slave that gets hired out to others P. 42 Kenemon (farmer) Reason he was so much of a hermit because he felt that everyone was out to get something from him; makes Gorgaius in charge of the daughter; he adopts Gorgaius as his son and gives him the responsibility of marrying of the daughter(curias) o KyriousGorgiaus now becomes the leader in the household Now, Sostratus decides to give his sister to Gorgaius Play ends with a double marriage and lots of wine ThemesPeasants vs. Aristocrats ThemesPeasants vs....
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Notes Until Midterm - Introduction: The World of The New...

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