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Psych 101 - notes - Section 2 Concept Check 7.1 Types of...

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Section 2 - Concept Check 7.1 - Types of Memory 1. What are some factors that increase or decrease your probability of remembering a word on a list? • increase: repetition, uniqueness, first or last on the list, and learned early in life • decrease: distraction 2. Identify the types using free recall, cued recall, recognition, relearning, or implicit a. You forgot high school Spanish but you’ll do better in college Spanish than someone who never took it. • relearning b. You try to remember pizza phone number without looking it up. • free recall c. You hear a song on the radio without paying attention. Later you start humming it. • implicit d. You forgot where you parked so you scan the lot to find yours. • recognition e. “What is the name of our chemistry instructor? I think its Julie or Judy something.” • cued recall 3. Decide between procedural or declarative memory a. Remembering how to tie your shoes • procedural b. Remembering the color of your shoes • declarative 4. Would viewers remember as many items if Sperling flashed pictures instead of numbers and letters? • fewer because it would take longer to name the animals, memory fades over time 5. Decide between semantic or episodic memory a. Memory of your mailing address • semantic b. Memory of the day you moved to your current address • episodic 6. How does capacity of short-term memory compare with long-term memory?
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Psych 101 - notes - Section 2 Concept Check 7.1 Types of...

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