Psycho 101 - module 1.1

Psycho 101 - module 1.1 - 1/23 Module 1.1 Psychologists...

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1/23 – Module 1.1 – Psychologists’ Goals Introduction Psychology - systematic study of behavior and experience General Points about Psychology “It Depends” • behavior depends on many variables like age, gender, culture, previous questions, who’s asking • people seldom do anything for just one reason Research Progress Depends on Good Measurement • “Progress in science depends on new techniques, new discoveries, new ideas” • areas of psychology w less certain measurement have only tentative conclusions and slow progress Correlation Does Not Indicate Causation • two related things are not reversible - which is cause and which is effect - DON’T ASSUME • ex: people with schizophrenia are more likely to use drugs, but does drugs result in schizophrenia? Variations Among Individuals Reflect both Heredity and Environment • within groups, people differ in interest, preferences, abilities, and personalities • environment and heredity can combine • ex: a gene that enhances fear produces a bigger effect after you have had frightening experiences The Best Predictor of Future Behavior is Past Behavior in Similar Situations • people are fairly consistent in how they act • ex: if you started hw as soon as it was assigned in the past, you are likely to do that now Some Statements in Psychology Reflect Stronger Evidence than Others • people sometimes express strong opinions even when the evidence is weak • anyone who expresses an opinion should state his or her evidence • ex: consequences of letting children watch TV all day
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Psycho 101 - module 1.1 - 1/23 Module 1.1 Psychologists...

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