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Chapter 4 - shapes to favor one’s party in this case it...

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Chapter 4-6 Vocabulary Political Socialization-process by which background traits influence one’s political views Internal Efficacy-the ability to understand and take part in politics External Efficacy-the willingness of the state to respond to the citizenry Libel-Writing that falsifies another person Slander- Strict Scrutiny Test-a Supreme Court test to see if a law denies equal protection because it does not serve a compelling state interest and is not narrowly tailored to achieve a goal Heightened Scrutiny- De Facto Segregation-racial segregation that occurs in schools, not as a result of the law, but as a result of patterns of residential settlement De Jure Segregation-Racial segregation that is required by law Racial Gerrymandering- drawing the boundaries of legislative districts in bizarre or unusual
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Unformatted text preview: shapes to favor one’s party; in this case, it refers to the suppression of minorities by the drawing of the districts Selective Incorporation-court cases that apply the Bill of Rights to states Establishment Clause-first amendment ban on laws “respecting an establishment of religion” Free-Exercise Clause-first amendment requirement that law cannot prevent free exercise of religion Exclusionary Rule-improperly gathered evidence may not be introduced in a criminal trial Good Faith Exception-an error in gathering evidence sufficiently minor that it may be used in a trial Indictment-Double Jeopardy-Racial Profiling-...
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  • Law, Jure Segregation-Racial segregation, Facto Segregation-racial segregation, Establishment Clause-first amendment, Clause-first amendment requirement

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