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Jennifer Miller - HD FS 229 Summary 1 Theories in Development The human developmental pattern is created by a combination of several processes; biological, cognitive, and socioemotional. Biological bodily changes genetics Cognitive brain development changes in the brain Socioemotional family society culture A child's development is commonly classified in periods. Prenatal - the moment of conception to birth. Infancy - from birth to two years of age ( when language develops ); this period is completely dependant on adults. Early childhood - from the age of two to five or six years old ( when entered into school ); they have the ability to care for themselves. Middle and late childhood - from six to eleven or twelve years of age ( the elementary school years ); able to master school subjects and grasp self control. Adolescence - from ten to twelve years old through eighteen to twenty-two years of age ( entry into Jr. High ); transition from childhood to early adulthood; rapid physical changes occur.
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Developmental "rules" Similar - everyone goes through the same stages. Early learning - imitating and learning from others. Individual rate - physical change Domains interelated - biological, cognitive, and socioemotional. Lifelong process - some believe development doesn't end at adolescence. Controversies in Developmental Theories - there is debate about the relativity between the developmental process and the periods of development. Continuous ( gradual )
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HDFS summary 1 - Jennifer Miller - HD FS 229 Summary 1...

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