Chapter-15 - Chapter 15 Forging the national...

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Chapter 15: Forging the national Economy (1790-1860) I. The Westward Movement a. b. II. Shaping the Western Landscape a. westward movement molded environment b. ecological imperialism -trapped beavers, sea otters, and Bison to manufacture for East c. spirit of nationalism led to appreciation of American wilderness III. The March of the Millions a. mid-1800s, pop cont’d to double every 25 years b. 1860-orginial 13 states now has 33 states; pop 4 th in the world(Russ, Fra, Austria) c. urban growth cont’d explosively -1790-only New York & Philadelphia had >20,000 people, but 1860, 43 had -brought bad sanitation d. high birthrate had accounted for pop growth, but near 1850s, millions of Irish, German came -bec. surplus pop. in Euro but not all came to US 25/60 million -appealing of US(land, freedom from church, aristocracy, 3 meat meals a day) -intro of transoceanic steamship(reduce traveling to 12 days, death rate high not as bad) IV. The Emerald Isle Moves West(1830s-1960s-2 million) a. Irish potato famine in mid-1840s led to death of 2million & many flee to US -“Black Forties”—mainly came to big city-Boston, esp New York(biggest Irish city) -illiterate, discriminated by Old USn, received lowest of job(railroad building) -hated by Protestants bec. catholic -USn hated Irish(NINA); Irish hated competition w/ blacks for job -Ancient Order of Hibernians(serve to aid Irish) -gradual property owning (grand success), children edu. Cut short to buy land -attracted to politics, filled police dept. -politician tried to appeal to Irish by yelling at London V. The German Forty-Eighters a. 1 million poured in bet 1830s-1860s bec. crop failures & loose of rev of 1848 toward liberalism -liberals such as Carl Schurz contributed to elevation of US politic -had more $ than Irish so bought land in west esp. in Wisconsin -votes crucial so wooed by US politicians but not as potent bec. spread out -contributed to US culture (Christmas tree); isolationism
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Chapter-15 - Chapter 15 Forging the national...

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