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Louisiana in the Long View This set a precedent for presidents to acquire foreign land In spring of 1804, Jefferson sent William Clark and Meriwether Lewis to explore this new territory Other explorers also went out Federalists were declining, and Burr killed Hamilton in a duel The Louisiana Purchase inspired nationalism America: A Nutcrackered Neutral Jefferson was reelected in 1804 In 1806, London issued the Orders in Council, which closed ports under French continental control to foreign shipping, including American, unless they stopped at a British port first Napoleon wanted all American ships captured When the Chesapeake was attacked, Jefferson still remained neutral Jefferson’s Backfiring Embargo Jefferson issued an embargo which was meant to stop the seizure of American ships The Embargo Act of 1807 said that the export of all goods from the United States This backfired and hurt the New Englanders it was trying to help Both the South and New England were hurt by this embargo, more than the
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Unformatted text preview: French and British • the Non-Intercourse Act replaced the Embargo Act, which reopened trade with all the nations of the world, except France and England Jefferson’s Legacy • Jefferson was the one who truly set the two term precedent because he opted to not run for a third term Madison: Dupe of Napoleon • In 1810: Macon’s Bill No. 2, which while permitting American trade with all the world • Napoleon said that the regulations were lifted but they really weren’t which caused them to be duped into trading against England War Whoops Arouse the War Hawks • In 1811, new politicians swept away the older ones • they appointed Henry Clay of Kentucky, then 34 years old, to Speaker of the House • The Prophet and Tecumseh said that all Indians should unite and decide on what they did with their land • Tecumseh was killed at the Battle of Thames, and the Indian confederacy dream perished • War was declared in 1812to stop the Indian threat...
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