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Standard Words which have additional meanings in folk speech (meanings mostly not given) bad: good beta: knowing the moves on the route / climb before attempting it boos (I assume this is not booze. ..) cracking: What's cracking—what is going on? / How [are] you doing. down: I'm down—I am accepting an invitation drift for real gee hang-on around -up (?) jack: to steal mad props right on! seriously shiny: cool (cool to the touch or cool as in good?) sick: That is so sick—That is really cool / That is really interesting / exciting solid sup (note: to sup [to dine] has nothing to do with ’sup, a shortening of “what’s up.” The apostrophe is important!) Historical folk speech which is now part of standard language bootleg cool jive Folk speech by shortening: aggro: World of Warcraft players use this to describe NPC enemies < aggressive (orig. British slang) alkey (standard spelling alky or alkie) < alcoholic + diminutive suffix -ie dick: you're being a dick < Richard (Richard > Rick, rhyming slang Dick)
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Unformatted text preview: fucktard < fuck(ing) (re)tard(ed person) hella < hell + of homie < home(boy) + diminutive suffix -ie; the same process gives homey , cozy, homelike, in Standard English the Ridge < (presumably) Northridge tarded: retarded < retarded wanna: want to have < want + to whitey < white + diminutive suffix -ie Folk Speech: True Slang (new words) beba boof: dog fart (family folkspeech) friggurts heistar muggle: what jazz and blues musicians used to call marijuana in the 40's and 50's yea-yuh (possibly this is just misspelled: yea rhymes with hay, yeah is the spelling for “oh, yeah!”) Regional / Foreign Language / Idiomatic / Miscellaneous boink! the moistness bollocks < British slang booger butt: baby (note the alliteration) catching a crab (note the alliteration) code 29: snowboard section (jargon) jive turkey oy vey! < Yidding (lit. oh, woe [is me])...
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