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A “folk group” is defined by the lore, in this case folk speech, that it has in common. Genre: Folk Speech (which CANNOT come from books, movies, TV, radio, or internet) Nota bene: The same term can be in multiple subgenres; choose all that are appropriate Subgenres are listed below. The list is by no means exhaustive, but includes major categories. Argot: Coded or secretive slang. Secret languages like gibberish. Ball-bouncing Rhyme: A rhyme chanted while bouncing a ball. Think jump-rope rhymes these days. Blason populaire: Traditional phrase or sentence about an ethnicity or locality. Calabasas = Calablackless because black people aren’t rich enough to life there. Cadence: A song to regulate military marching / jogging / other movement. Charm: A traditional saying whose performance is believed to magically affect the environment. Star light, star bright… Cheer: A chant performed in support of an athletic event. Counting-Out Rhyme: A rhyme to determine who is “it” in children’s games.
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