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Unformatted text preview: Southern California Folklore Society Publications I The Northridge Guide to Armenian Folklore Collected by the Students of Anthropology 326* Fall Semester, 2008 Edited by Antone Minard *Individual contributors’ names to be listed on an inside page FAQ (Armenians) Q. Why Armenian folklore? A. There is a large Armenian community in Northridge and nearby cities (Burbank, Glendale), but not much of their folklore has been studied. Q. Isn’t this just a cover for your own research interests? A. Nope. I know a few facts about Armenian language, history, and geography, but nothing about Armenian-Americans or their folklore. Q. What if I don’t know anything about Armenians? / What if I am Armenian? A. All levels of familiarity with Armenian culture are fine for this project. Q. What if I don’t speak Armenian? A. It is not necessary to speak Armenian to do this assignment, but if you do not speak it (I certainly don’t), try to work with informants whose English is good. I’ve put the alphabet and a font on the website for reference, but you don’twith informants whose English is good....
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This note was uploaded on 09/17/2008 for the course ANTH 326 taught by Professor Minard during the Fall '08 term at CSU Northridge.

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326.northridgeGuide.armenianFolklore - Southern California...

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