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Scott Wise February 3, 2007 Lab 2: Preparation and Reactions of Alkenes Objective: To prepare alkenes from the dehydration reaction of α-Terpineol and to test the presence of alkenes by Bromine test and Baeyer test. Reactions: Procedure: Refer to Pages 34-35 of Chemistry 232 Laboratory Manual 1 Figure 1: Procedure and Observations: Procedure Observations 5 g of α-Terpineol was added to 5 mL of 85% phosphoric acid which was distilled along with boiling chips. During the distillation process, the mixture in the round bottom flask was erupting violently, and it popped through the condenser and into the collecting graduated cylinder. 1
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Physical Properties: Figure 2: Reagents of Dehydration of α-Terpineol Compound MW (g / mole) Used Mole Physical and Safety Data α-Terpineol 154.25 5 g 0.03 Mp: -20 ºC, bp 219 ºC May cause eye, skin, and respiratory tract irritation. May cause central nervous system depression. 85%
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