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Soufiane Naciri PHIL 241 #07 09/02/2008 Professional responsibility can generally be defined as a code of ethic and moral values that a professional is expected to follow. The aspects of professional responsibility are numerous and vary from a profession to another. However, all of the professions share many common important notions such as honoring duties of the profession involved, not causing harm to the society or employer’s business and being honest by respecting the law of the state or country. There are also many other detailed concepts of professional responsibility that can be listed. When any authority allows the creation of a company or a small business, it specifies and requires certain conditions to be fulfilled in order to avoid or reduce any potential harm to the society. As the same time, the professional in practice hired by that company, is the one who is expected to respect the code of ethics and make sure they are respected. As an example, a factory that produce toys use plastic and many other chemicals; in the United-
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assignment_2_naciri - 1Soufiane Naciri 2PHIL 241 #07...

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