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Notes 9.9 - Volcanism I Relationship between intrusive...

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V. Igneous Environments A. Volcanic – surface environment (Extrusive Rock) B. Plutonic – Deep Environment (Intrusive Rock) VI. Plutonic Igneous Rock A. Dukes – sheet like bodies cutting across the layering in the adjacent rock B. Sills – sheet like bodies parallel to the layering in the adjacent rock C. Batholiths – huge irregular dodies, over 40 square miles in area D. Stock – small oval or circular bodies less than 40 square mile in area
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Unformatted text preview: Volcanism I. Relationship between intrusive activity and volcanism II. Volcanic vents A. Circular Openings – where 2 fractures intersect, normal volcano B. Fissures – fracture, crack III. Lava Flows – Features: 1. Pressure Ridges – top buckles up and gives you a series of cracks 2. Lava Tubes...
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