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AN SC 215- Pets in Society Virtual Pet- Health risks assignment Note: There are 3 Parts to this assignment- read the instructions carefully PART 1: List the species of animal that you used for the other assignments Go to the Center for Disease Control’s “Healthy Pets Healthy People” website at: http://www.cdc.gov/healthypets/index.htm Click on “browse by animal” and choose the pet that you chose for the other assignments PART 2: Choose Two (2) diseases ( other than Rabies ) that are listed for your pet . (Note- if you chose a reptile, fish, bird, or pocket pet for your other assignments, you may need to look in some of the other species categories, because some of these species have only 1 disease listed- use that disease and then look for another under a different species of pet)
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Unformatted text preview: In a list or paragraph form, provide the following for each disease : 1) The infectious agent (e.g. the name of the bacteria or virus or organism) for that disease 2) How your pet could get the disease in the first place 3) How people get the disease from animals 4) What are some of the signs of illness in people PART 3: Imagine that you have a friend visiting with you for a week that falls into a high risk category (organ transplant recipient, person receiving chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS positive). What special precautions should you and they take to keep them safe around your pet in general (not just to avoid these 2 particular diseases)? (See the Healthy Pets/Healthy People website section “For People at Extra Risk”)...
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