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Professor Kirshner Govt 1817 Office Hours: 10-11 White 323 10:30-11:30 Uris 130 A "Crime of the Century? WWI" Notes: September 9, 2008 reading: Jervis I. What's up with WWI (1914-1918)? A. First modern war B. War that no one wanted C. The Great Lesson 1. All sides thought it would be brief 2. All sides thought it would be successful D. Horrifying 1. A generation of men decimated -France and Germany lost 1.5 million -Russia, more -US 88,000 2. "We could never do it again" II. The 19th Century (Before the war) A. British dominance 1. Rise of free-trade 2. Spread of industrialization B. 100-years peace 1. Napoleonic wars to WWI -No big war 2. Rare III. Dawn of the 20th Century A. Collapse of Ottoman Empire 1. Jockying for position 2. Balkan Wars -Russia as Pan-Slavic protecter -Austria-Hungary sees independence of domino-effect that would destroy them B. Weakness of Austrio-Hungarian empire 1. Disparate Slavic groups searching for independents 2. Serbia C. Rise of nationalism 1. Challenges multi-national empires of southern/easter Europe 2. Strengthened some and weakened others -Scramble for Africa -Security dilema -Concerns for presitge -External manifestation of tensions on European continent
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D. Internal Russian dissention 1. Leads to Communist revolution -Soviet Union after WWI E. Rise of German power and ambition 1. Affected balance of power -Intimidating to Austrio-Hungary, Russia -Indirect threat to Great Britain (navy, geography) -If Germany wants a Navy, they have to bust out to the sea, which Br. controlled 2. We must colinize! -Needs a navy to do it -Challenges British supremacy -DEADLOCK -Interests are diametrically opposed over this issue F. Nature of Warfare 1. Initial: British nature of war -Navy dominated -Fighting limited -Forces small 2. Shift in the utility of sea-power to land-power
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Notes 2 - ProfessorKirshner Govt1817...

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