Counterinsurgency - Invertedorotherwise,...

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Counterinsurgency is Never Simple Inverted or otherwise, the idea of military counterinsurgency is never a simple one. The very basis of military intelligence--or rather, military intelligence's collection of secret facts--by nature limit's one's ability to understand the full picture of counterinsurgency operations. However, beside all this presumed secrecy, the very shell, or public spectrum, of counterinsurgency methods reveals a dual methodology revolving around helping other governments whilst helping one's own simultaneously. These seemingly diametric concepts can actually both be applied to many major counterinsurgency operations today. Thus, in this example in the New York Times article about the Pentagon's anthropological response to insurgent action, the juxtaposition of the US government's goodwill efforts geared towards helping the Afghan peoples mixed with their desire to create a database of intelligence knowledge concerning the various tribes within U.S. Army-occupied Afghan regions actually functions harmoniously instead of in opposition.This specific example of counterinsurgency methodology proves, in a way, that perhaps "looking at concepts against the grain," as Guha suggests, is not such a radical concept, but rather an
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Counterinsurgency - Invertedorotherwise,...

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