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Augdon Greening September 8, 2008 810818165 4-1. Define sketching. Sketching is the free hand drawing without the aid of drafting equipment. 4-2. How are sketches useful in computer aided drafting? They help establish the coordinates for drawing components. 4-3. Describe the proper sketching tools. A pencil with soft lead (2H), and paper with a surface that is not too smooth. 4-4 . Should paper for sketching be taped to the drafting board or table. Why or why not? No it should not. It does not allow the drawer to move the paper as he/she needs. 4-5. What kind of problem can occur if a long, straight line is drawn without moving the hand? The line tends to come out curved rather than straight. 4-6. What type of paper should be used for sketching? A paper with a surface that is not too smooth is best, such as newsprint or napkins. 4-7. Briefly describe a method that can be used to sketch irregular shapes.
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Unformatted text preview: The block method can be used to sketch irregular shapes. Set a coordinate system on the object drawn and then transfer the drawing one block at a time. 4-8. Define isometric sketch. An isometric sketch is a sketch that has a 3-dimensional representation of the drawn object. 4-9. What is the difference between an isometric line and a nonisometric line? An isometric line is one that is parallel to one of the three original axes where a nonisometric line is one that strays away from being parallel. 4-10. What do proportions have to do with sketching techniques? A sketch must be somewhat proportional show that it may show some level of accuracy and completeness. There are different techniques that maybe used in drawing proportionally, such as using your pencil as a ruler....
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