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Why Engineering Essay

Why Engineering Essay - Augdon Greening 810818165 Ever...

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Unformatted text preview: Augdon Greening 810818165 September 14, 2008 Ever since a sixth grade field trip to Union Station in Downtown Denver I have been fascinated by the art and sheer complexity of architecture. Since that time I have taken in the influences of architecture around the world with trips I have taken across seas and beyond. My original plan through college was to attend CU Boulder for my BS in Architectural Engineering and then attend graduate school at CU Denver and get my MS in Architecture and then become an Architect. Well after recent consideration (the first three weeks of school) I have changed my plans. Now I am planning on getting my BS/MS in Architectural Engineering with an emphasis in Sustainable Structures. Benefits I have for myself when it comes to engineering are that I am good with math and am a conceptual thinker. I have heard that in the engineering field you need both of these attributes. This is why engineering appeals in such a great way to me, it gives me a chance to express myself and what I...
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