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Assignment 4 - It allows the drafter to project features...

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Augdon Greening September 9, 2008 810818165 4-11. Define orthographic progression. A projection of features of an object onto an imaginary plane. 4-12. What is the relationship between the orthographic plane of projection and the projection lines from the object or structure? They are perpendicular to the orthographic plane of projection. 4-13. When is a surface foreshortened in an orthographic view? When the surface is foreshortened in the orthographic view it is an indicator that the object is not perpendicular to the projection lines. 4-14. How many principal multiviews of an object are possible? Six 4-15. Give at least two reasons why the multiviews of an objects are aligned in a specific format.
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Unformatted text preview: It allows the drafter to project features from one view to the next and it allows for a uniform format for many people to recognize. 4-16. In architectural drafting, what are the exterior front, right-side, left-side, and rear views also called? Elevations 4-17. If a round window appears as a line in the front view and the line of sight is perpendicular to the window on the side view, what shape is the window in the side view? Round 4-18. If a round skylight is positioned on a 5/12 roof slope and appears as a line in the front view, what shape will the skylight be in the side view? An ellipse...
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